How Google AdWords and PPC can grow your business!

Have you ever noticed the ads that come up when you search for things on Google? Those ads are known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. When a Google user searches for any word, PPC ads are displayed along with the search results. Google uses keyword-based advertising to target your ads to users searching for your product or service. Your ads will appear when a user’s search includes a keyword which is part of your ad campaign. You get to control the budget for your advertising campaign. You can set a daily budget and Google will stop showing your ad when you reach the daily limit. AdWords allow you to make the most of the online advertising by showing your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. Thus, it is safe to say that AdWords, ads which are a paid search, can tremendously transform your business.

AdWords help you target your ads, control your costs, measure your success and manage campaigns. AdWords shows your ads on one or both of Google’s advertising networks: the Google Search Network and the Display Network (which includes YouTube, Google Finance, Gmail and Blogger). An AdWords ad has two main components; the visible and non-visible components. The visible component comprises of the ad title, display URL and two lines of description, while the non-visible components include keywords, bid, budget, targeting, quality score and destination URL.

To understand how AdWords works, you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with its key building blocks: where your ads can appear, the quality of your ads, and what you pay for them. You’ll use keywords — words or phrases which describe your product or service to target your ads. When someone searches for terms related to your keywords, your ads can appear alongside or above search results on sites that are part of the Search Network. Keywords also help determine how much you pay. You can choose to show your ads to people as they browse the web, on the Display Network. Your ads can come up on specific websites or placements that you desire, or on websites based on the targeting methods that you specify, such as keywords, audiences, placement, and topics.

When a prospective customer is looking for a service, product, promotion, or anything from any part of the world, they’re likely going to search Google. That customer is looking for your business, and AdWords gets you found. Google AdWords can be a hugely successful method of driving traffic, marketing your product and ultimately getting increased sales for any business. Google AdWords enables you as a business owner reach your customers as on as they want your product by placing it on the first page of any Google search result.

If you’re a locally based business, (such as a neighborhood restaurant), a regional company (such as a state bank), or even an e-commerce site (with, say, country shipping restrictions), you can geotarget to get seen by your consumer. AdWords help you target countries, areas within a country, and radius targeting (to show your ads to people within a certain distance to your business) while enabling you to show your business location. Ad extensions let businesses enhance their Google AdWords with phone numbers, app downloads, addresses, site landing page links, previous page visits, reviews, and lots more.

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